With great consideration of our planet

Our planet’s happiness – today, tomorrow, forever.

We love our planet as much as we love ourselves. And thus, we’ve committed to crafting our bags exclusively from vegan leather – eliminating not only the egregious practices of animal hide farming, but also the toxic byproducts created during traditional treatment and tanning processes.

We utilize leather tanned by ISA TanTec, which is certified Gold by the Leather Working Group (LWG). ISA TanTec’s processes use 47% less electricity, 62% less water, and emit 46% less CO₂, even compared to other LWG-certified facilities.

Our decision stems from our core stance on sustainability, ethical labor practices, accountability, and transparency in our actions. We are determined to create happiness – for our customers, for our artisans, for our team, for our planet.

Grand Ocean