Color: Sterling Silver

Knot delicately weaves together a symphony of loops and twists, embodying life’s twists and turns. The fluid design blends tradition with modernity, standing as a testament to the beauty found in life’s ups and downs. it features a versatile two-piece design on one side, offering you the freedom to style it with or without the back part for varying degrees of sophistication. Moreover, each earring can be reversed, allowing you to showcase its beauty differently on each ear. This design not only embodies the fluidity of life's twists and turns but also merges tradition with contemporary flair. Whether worn in its full complexity or in its simpler form, Knot stands as a tribute to the artistry in life's intricacies and a sophisticated addition to any ensemble.

Please note: Our jewelry comes sealed with a special 'Void if Removed' sticker. To maintain eligibility for return, this sticker must remain intact and unaltered.


  • Sterling Silver - 100% premium 925 sterling silver.
  • Gold Gilded - Brass with pure 18k gold gilding.
  • Gold Vermeil - 925 sterling silver thickly plated with 3 microns of 18k recycled gold, equivalent to the standard of 10k gold.
  • Width 7mm
  • Length 35mm Weight 14.9g
Cleaning Tips


As AUPEN jewelry is handcrafted, careful care needs to be taken to preserve its quality finish. Avoid contact with water, seawater, cosmetics, chemicals, hand sanitizer, and sources of light and heat.

  • Remove the jewelry before physical activity to minimize scratches and reduce tarnishing.
  • Store the jewelry in a dust bag.
  • Clean with a soft cloth if dirty.