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Greta Gerwig Just Wore Taylor Swift’s Go-to Bag: Is It Worth It?

Honored by TIME Magazine as Person and Woman of the Year respectively, Taylor and Greta have been seen carrying bags from emerging label AUPEN. I finally got my hands on this emerging brand - is it worth it?

03.14.2024 by L'Officiel Philippines

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As a child, I cherished my Barbie doll with its straight, black hair just like mine, dressing her in a lab coat for science experiments. Although I outgrew dolls, my passion for science persisted into high school and beyond, where I often found myself one of the few girls in robotics and computer clubs. Watching the Barbie movie recently evoked memories of my childhood and resonated with my experiences as an Asian woman in a male-dominated industry today as a consultant at McKinsey. Greta Gerwig's films like Little Women and Lady Bird have also deeply impacted me, reflecting aspects of my own journey.

As I browsed the gallery of looks from the TIME Women of the Year Gala last week, I noticed a familiar bag in Greta’s arm, it was Purpose in Scarlet from emerging label AUPEN, paired with an adorable pair of pointed red shoes – trendy yet elegant. AUPEN suddenly popped up on almost all the IT girls in recent months, most notably on Taylor Swift several times too. Like Greta, Taylor Swift’s career of more than fifteen years, her setbacks and triumphs, and her perseverance throughout it all transformed the film and music industry and are an inspiration to me today. Last year, I was hesitant to purchase AUPEN’s hyped-up bags since they were made of vegan leather, but recently they have changed to calfskin leather but in the same designs, so I caved in. Their prices range from $180 to $350 – is it worth it for their quality?

What Makes AUPEN Special?

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On Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig

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On Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber

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On Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Blunt

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Nirvana Noir & Nirvana Snow, $340

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On Joey King and Olivia Rodrigo

ROW 2 PRODUCTS.png__PID:62eb2c1b-c4c3-439b-9162-31c568028cbb

Purpose Noir, $180 & Purpose Chain Scarlet, $200

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Purpose Ice, $240 & Purpose Deluxe, $260

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On Dakota Johnson and Nina Dobrev

As a management consultant, I typically do not draw outfit inspiration from celebrities. However, AUPEN's versatile designs captured my attention. Celebrities from Taylor Swift, Emily Blunt, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Rodrigo, Dakota Johnson, Emma Stone, and more have styled the brand with a wide variety of outfits: flowy trench coats, little black dresses, playful cocktail attires, and shimmering evening gowns. Their success lies in their twist on basics, making styling effortless. As for quality, honestly AUPEN’s calfskin leather is on par with other quiet luxury brands I own like Loro Piana and The Row. It's also worth mentioning that AUPEN is affordable for this level of quality, with prices below $250, while comparables such as Jil Sander and Khaite are priced at $2,000 or higher.

Let’s start off with the Purpose series – the original Purpose, Purpose with Chain, and Purpose Deluxe. Quality-wise, their glossy box leather finish is scratch-resistant and easily cleaned. The original Purpose which comes in Noir and Snow is an understated staple bag, great for quick everyday errands. It elevates any casual fit and fits a phone and keys. For colored options, AUPEN features the Purpose with Chain, which comes with a chain in addition to the leather strap. I especially love Purpose with Chain in Scarlet, as seen on Greta Gerwig and the way she styled the pop of red with matching red heels. For those that need to carry more in their bag, in comes the Purpose Deluxe. It’s everything I liked about the original Purpose, but it’s now big enough to be my work bag, able to store a powerbank, IPhone 15 Pro, makeup, notebook and it comes with a crossbody strap too. I was so psyched when they released the Purpose Deluxe, because I love that silhouette, and now I can put everything I need for my entire day in it. If you can’t tell by now, the Purpose family is my favorite and I’ve been tempted to complete the set with Purpose Ice, a stunning and sparkling bag that is perfect for evening wear. It has been spotted on Selena Gomez, and even made an appearance in her music video, "Single Soon". Can someone talk me out of this?

ROW 1 ON-BODY.png__PID:eb3b7dcb-2b62-4b2c-9bc4-c3139b116231

Purpose with Chain, $200 and Purpose, $180


Purpose Deluxe in two ways, $260

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Nirvana in two ways

My next pick is Nirvana, which surprises with its ability to accommodate even an umbrella. The detachable gold charm adds to its appeal, and as someone who enjoys customization, I hope for more charm options from AUPEN in the future. While I’ve enjoyed all of the bags I’ve worn and tested so far, I would say my favorite is the newcomer, Purpose Deluxe. It has everything I love about the original Purpose but is much more functional, so it’s not just a party bag anymore. Safe to say, AUPEN has rightfully earned its place in my day-to-day bag rotation.

Joyce Tan is a guest writer who studied at Johns Hopkins. She spends her weekdays as a data scientist at McKinsey Digital, and her weekends are dedicated to discovering the next emerging K-Pop act.

Here’s how influencers are styling their AUPEN bags:

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On yulia_hayek and cinemalaraOn yulia_hayek and cinemalara

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On yasminvnz and ellaeiveren

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On janyjaane and elisagilieri

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