Bejeweled Purpose


This Aupen Labs masterpiece is made to order will ship 1 month from the order date. Price is available upon request. Write in to us here.

In the heart of Aupen Labs, the Bejeweled Purpose comes to life, a radiant emblem of living with audacity and grace. Encrusted with zirconia crystals, each facet gleams with the promise of possibility, making it more than an accessory—it's a beacon of intention for the bold at heart.

Let the Bejeweled Purpose be a reflection of your journey, a sparkling ally as you navigate the moments that define your story. It's not just a part of your wardrobe; it's a part of your path, illuminating every step with its iridescent charm.

On the shoulder or on the crook of the arm

Width 23cm - Height 15cm - Depth 6cm

Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning Tips
1. Clean it with simply warm water, a soft cloth, and mild soap.
2. Dampen cloth in the soap mixture before gently applying it to the item. Ensure that cloth is damp and not soaking wet.
3. Spot-test cleaning to ensure the cleaning yields favourable outcomes.
4. Wipe off soap with a separate cloth and dry using a soft cloth.

Stain Removal
1. For serious stains, use distilled white vinegar or leather cleaning solutions to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.
2. For water stains, use rubbing alcohol to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.

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