Model photos are for size reference only, actual Valor earrings are in a glossy finish.

Slip on the Valor earrings and carry with you an air of unspoken confidence. Each piece is a tribute to your inner strength, sculpted into a definitive geometric form that's both bold and unapologetically you. These earrings don't just accessorize; they accentuate the resilience and grace with which you navigate the world. Wear them as a statement, a conversation starter, or a personal reminder that your valor is your truest form of beauty.

Please note: Our jewelry comes sealed with a special 'Void if Removed' sticker. To maintain eligibility for return, this sticker must remain intact and unaltered.


  • Sterling Silver - 100% premium 925 sterling silver.
  • Width 8mm
  • Length 18 4mm
  • Weight 4.5g
Cleaning Tips


As AUPEN jewelry is handcrafted, careful care needs to be taken to preserve its quality finish. Avoid contact with water, seawater, cosmetics, chemicals, hand sanitizer, and sources of light and heat.

  • Remove the jewelry before physical activity to minimize scratches and reduce tarnishing.
  • Store the jewelry in a dust bag.
  • Clean with a soft cloth if dirty.