Fearless Re-Edition


Fearless, the embodiment of courage and empowerment, returns in a captivating new form. Redesigned to amplify your inner strength and inspire you to conquer your fears, this exceptional accessory is more than just a purse—it is a symbol of resilience and determination.

Size & Fit
  • Width 26cm
  • Height 17cm
  • Depth 7cm
  • 43cm shoulder strap
  • Wear on the shoulder or on the crook of the arm
Cleaning Tips

Keep your bag pristine with simple care:

  • Dust off with a soft cloth; for spots, use a damp cloth and mild soap on a small test area first.
  • Avoid heat, light, moisture, and color transfer from clothing and cosmetics.
  • If wet, pat with a soft cloth and let air dry away from heat.
  • Store unstuffed in its dust bag to maintain shape.
  • No harsh chemicals or conditioners needed.

With proper care, your AUPEN bag will age gracefully, becoming a cherished piece in your collection.

Made in Singapore