Joy is where all your good memories find home. It’s a must bring to your honeymoon date, girls night out, TGIF at work, and of course feeling cute mirror selfie and self care day at the beach. Joy collects your laughers of jokes that no one else gets, the butterflies of falling in love, the ambiance of moments that you wish last forever. Its curves are gentle yet playful, and every time it swings over your shoulder, it whispers to you: smile and walk in joy.

Size & Fit
  • Width 21cm
  • Height 10cm
  • Depth 7cm
  • 62cm detachable shoulder strap
  • 75-93.5cm detachable and adjustable crossbody strap
  • Wear across the body, on the shoulder or on the crook of the arm with detachable straps
Materials & Composition
  • Body - Calfskin leather
  • Lining - Cotton twill fabric

Our calfskin leathers are responsibly sourced and fully traceable through the Leather Working Group to ensure environmental and ethical standards are upheld.

Cleaning Tips

Keep your bag pristine with simple care:

  • Dust off with a soft cloth; for spots, use a damp cloth and mild soap on a small test area first.
  • Avoid heat, light, moisture, and color transfer from clothing and cosmetics.
  • If wet, pat with a soft cloth and let air dry away from heat.
  • Store unstuffed in its dust bag to maintain shape.
  • No harsh chemicals or conditioners needed.

With proper care, your AUPEN bag will age gracefully, becoming a cherished piece in your collection.

Made in Singapore