Nirvana Kiss



Embrace the Nirvana Kiss, a striking embodiment of conscious luxury and the iconic Nirvana silhouette. This refined accessory features an adjustable strap crafted from genuine, repurposed crocodile leather, championing sustainability without compromising on elegance. Each bag serves as a statement of renewal, masterfully constructed from high-quality archived materials to ensure a zero-waste approach to fashion. With its lustrous golden hardware set against the bag's sleek black demeanor, the Nirvana Kiss redefines the harmony of ethical opulence and avant-garde design.

Size & Fit
  • Width 22cm
  • Height 9cm
  • Depth 6cm
  • Wear on the shoulder or on the crook of the arm
Materials & Composition
  • Body - Calfskin leather
  • Strap - Archived crocodile leather
  • Lining - Cotton twill fabric

Our calfskin leathers are responsibly sourced and fully traceable through the Leather Working Group to ensure environmental and ethical standards are upheld.

Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning Tips
1. Clean it with simply warm water, a soft cloth, and mild soap.
2. Dampen cloth in the soap mixture before gently applying it to the item. Ensure that cloth is damp and not soaking wet.
3. Spot-test cleaning to ensure the cleaning yields favourable outcomes.
4. Wipe off soap with a separate cloth and dry using a soft cloth.

Stain Removal
1. For serious stains, use distilled white vinegar or leather cleaning solutions to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.
2. For water stains, use rubbing alcohol to gently blot off stains. Repeat until desired results.

The Craft Behind Nirvana Kiss

In the world of high-end fashion, the creation of crocodile bags often leads to significant leather remnants, as the expansive panels needed for such designs cannot always conform to the natural contours of the crocodile's hide. The Nirvana Kiss bag emerges as a conscientious solution to this challenge, incorporating these luxurious yet overlooked leather pieces that would otherwise be cast aside.

A Journey of Transformation

Delve into the story of the Nirvana Kiss bag's creation, where eco-conscious philosophy meets artisanal mastery. This is not just a bag; it's a narrative of transformation, skilfully constructed from repurposed crocodile leather pieces that once lay dormant as dead stock.

Sustainability as Our Compass

At the core of the its inception is our unwavering commitment to sustainability. By utilizing repurposed leather, we breathe new life into forgotten materials, reducing waste and embracing the beauty of reclamation.

Artisanal Alchemy

Each bag is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, born from the skilled hands of our artisans. With an intricate process where every cut is performed with precision, the result is that no two bags are exactly alike.

Thought & Integrity

We invite you to join us in this mission of sustainable fashion. To carry a piece of the future, today. Let the Nirvana Kiss bag be a symbol of your own commitment to a world that celebrates the past, cherishes the present, and innovates for a sustainable tomorrow.